How Much Does it Cost to Move to Florida?

The total cost of relocation to Florida depends on a variety of factors. While you can't avoid taxes altogether, Floridians benefit from some tax advantages. Florida's state sales tax is 6 percent and state corporate tax is 5.5 percent, and there are no state income taxes in the Sunshine State. This makes Florida an excellent option for residents who plan to continue working, as the Central Florida labor market is booming.

Overall, Florida residents and businesses have the fifth-lowest tax burden in the United States. Closing costs and new home insurance are the last elements of your moving budget. In Florida, closing costs range from 2.15% to 3.23% of the total pre-tax home purchase price, and some of these costs can be deducted from your taxes the following year. The cost of moving to Florida may include the actual move and any visits you need to make before your final move.

Traveling to and from Florida can be expensive, so it's important to compare prices for flights in your area and look for days and times that aren't as popular with travelers. When hiring professional carriers, keep in mind that add-ons such as furniture assembly services and moving insurance will cost more. Many interstate moving companies also offer full value protection, which provides more comprehensive coverage and means that the moving company is responsible for the replacement value of lost or damaged items. For local moves, the cost is the estimated number of hours it will take to move multiplied by the moving company's hourly rate.

Anything that causes the move to take longer or requires more physical effort on the part of those who move can increase the cost. Moving rates in Tampa for a studio apartment will vary depending on the number of people you hire and the number of belongings you have, but they should take between three and four hours. Movers often disassemble furniture for you, but if you're able to take things apart yourself, you can reduce the amount of work hours you pay. If you have vehicles to ship, you'll want to include car shipping costs in your overall moving budget.

Full-service local moving is more expensive than standard moving services, but it comes with the reward of free time that you haven't spent packing all your belongings. Professional carriers use moving blankets and shrink wrap to protect your furniture, walls, doors, floors and stairs from damage. Before looking for moving companies in Florida, it is essential to understand the factors that most influence the cost of a move.

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