Moving Your Car: What You Need to Know

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience, and it can be even more so if you have to move your car as well. But it turns out that this is the case for many people. You may be able to have the moving company load your car into the van along with your furniture and other household items, but this is usually the most expensive option because moving companies charge by weight, time and distance, and your car is a heavy item. Fortunately, there are other options available.

Many carriers have the extra equipment and training necessary to move vehicles, but they charge a lot of money due to the space the vehicle occupies. More often than not, the moving company will have a referral agreement with a car shipping agent. Both options for moving vehicles along with your movement may result in a higher cost. If you decide to go with a professional car move, you should plan ahead and hire reliable long-distance carriers.

All Liberty Moving & Storage trucks are equipped with GPS, so you can follow your car as it moves around the country with you. Mayflower carriers use both closed and open car transport equipment. Open automatic transport is usually the least expensive and therefore the preferred mode of transport for many customers who need their vehicle to be moved to a new destination. Enclosed transportation is recommended for high-value vehicle shipments, as your car will be less exposed to dust, debris, and outdoor weather.

Closed transportation can be a good option if you plan to move an antique or luxury car. Our vehicle shipping quotes are presumed to be door-to-door unless you specify otherwise. This means that, whenever possible, carriers will pick up and deliver your vehicles to your residence, office or any other location you designate. Before hiring a moving company, make sure to check their credentials and history by calling the Better Business Bureau or any commercial organization of which the carrier is a member (for example, the Employee Relocation Council, the American Moving and Storage Association, and the Goods Transportation Brokers Association for the Home). If you want a successful relocation free of stress and problems, it's important to plan ahead and hire professional long-distance carriers.

When considering moving to one of New York City's best districts, you'll need to find the right Brooklyn moving companies to ensure a smooth transition.

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