Is Being a Mover a Good Workout?

Are you looking to improve your body shape and condition? If so, being a mover may be the perfect job for you. Working as a mover requires you to lift and move heavy items, which can help you develop your physique. Not only that, but it also trains your body to pick up something heavy from the ground - exactly what a moving company does. The entire back chain (the muscles of the back) is engaged when you lift and move heavy items.

This whole body exercise works as a hybrid of squat press, deadlift and chest. Just because someone has a high percentage of body fat does not mean they are not strong. In fact, being heavier can actually help with strength. Having strong abdominal muscles can help you balance and stabilize your weight when lifting heavy loads.

However, the rectum abdominis, or the shell of the turtle, is just one of the many muscles that make up the trunk. Other muscles include the obliques, transverse abdominal and erector of the spine. All of these elements work together to keep you moving and balanced, and to protect your lower back when lifting heavy loads. Core exercises such as forearm planks, lumberjacks and lateral balances of one arm are great for working your core.

Taking a pilates or yoga class is also beneficial for strengthening your core muscles. However, don't settle for abs or sit-ups as they only do a fraction of the work. Have you ever wondered why furniture movers are always in good shape? This is because lifting and moving boxes is a great way to stay fit. If you don't have exercise equipment, or if you're already packed and ready to go, boxes make great impromptu exercise equipment.

I recently hired a moving company and was impressed by how professional Nico and Kyle were. Despite some items being extremely heavy and large, nothing went wrong or broke during the move. The movers arrived on time but one of them was in a bad mood which lowered the morale of the whole team. However, I want to say that Nico and Kyle were exceptional in their work. Movers, office staff and management at Fresh Start The Moving Crew are top notch professionals who are very thorough and friendly.

They were aware that I wanted to take my time with this move as I needed to take photographs as evidence against the first ones I hired. It's logical to assume that most furniture movers believe they don't need to “work out” as they do a lot of lifting, hauling, pulling and pushing at work all day long. However, it's important to remember that it's all about leverage and technique when it comes to moving furniture or boxes - with the help of straps that wrap around the upper body that allow the mover to use their legs for most of the movement. After having moved several times throughout my life, I can say that Fresh Start has been the best engine I have used to date. My wife and I wanted to thank everyone at Fresh Start Movers, especially Mike and Co. It depends on whether you pack things yourself or if you hire a reputable moving company like Mayflower to pack your belongings professionally.

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