Can Movers Move Soap? Expert Advice on What to Pack and What Not to Pack

Moving can be a stressful experience, but with the right preparation and organization, it can be made much easier. Knowing what items you can and cannot pack is essential for a successful move. Professional movers will typically not pack food, batteries, candles, and other items due to safety concerns. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

It is important to note that what carriers will and won't pack often depends on the company you hire, where you are moving to, and the time of year and temperature outside. Cleaning supplies, beauty products, and flammable items should be stored in the garage or under the sink, as they can pose a threat to the moving truck in hot weather. Additionally, there are laws governing what items your moving company can transport across state lines. When you hire a moving company, they should come and do an inspection first to estimate how many boxes and balers will be needed.

This is also when you can find out specifically what they won't move. On our last move, the only items that were not accepted were propane tanks, perishable food, and living things (pets and plants). Other companies may not pack liquid cleaning products, lighters, alcohol, candles, etc.


is one item that many people wonder about when it comes to packing for a move. It is best not to move liquids or chemicals, but if you want to take your laundry soap, fabric softener, stain remover, aerosol starch or any other essential clothing product with you, it should be packed with great care.

Place each container in a resealable bag and then put them in a plastic bin that is secured with packing tape. This will ensure that they do not spill during transport. It is important to note that professional carriers do not like transporting certain items due to the risk of loss or damage. If your cat is hiding in your box spring for example, the movers will still pack it up. Movers will not load hazardous materials such as detergents, bleach, cleaners onto the moving truck for safety reasons.

If you have any remaining laundry product or other hazardous materials that you want to take with you, it is best to transport them in your car (if you are driving to your new home).In conclusion, it is important to know what items your movers will accept and which ones they won't accept before packing for a move. Professional movers typically do not accept food, batteries, candles, and other items due to safety concerns. Additionally, hazardous materials such as detergents and bleach should not be packed onto the moving truck. If you want to take these items with you, it is best to transport them in your car.

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