Can Movers Move Laundry Detergent? An Expert's Guide

Moving your house is not as simple as hiring a moving company and “voila, everything is done. Before you start packing, it's important to know what items your movers will and won't move. Keep in mind that your movers will not move any hazardous materials such as detergents, bleach, cleaners, etc. It's also illegal to move some of those items that carriers can't move, so it's not only about moving companies being too cautious, but it's also about professional moving companies complying with the law.

When packing your items for the move, make sure to package laundry detergent, soap, fabric softener, aerosol starch, stain remover and other clothing essentials with the utmost care to avoid spills during transport. Your moving agents should not move your important documents, including medical records and anything with sentimental value. Regardless of whether you have a top-loading or front-loading washing machine, the best way to handle large appliances on the move is to let your carriers or the shipping company handle the packing and prepping for you. Regulations on the transportation of spirits and alcoholic beverages vary from state to state: some carriers may agree to move bottled and well-packaged bottles of liquor, others refuse to do so.

First of all, you don't have to hand over your valuable possessions to the move: pack your irreplaceable items from the rest of your household belongings and make sure they never leave your side during the entire moving process. If you're only moving a short distance away, such as across town or to a neighboring town or city, certain moving companies may agree to transport some of your perishable food locally, as long as you've taken special care to pack it safely. If you are using a partner of the Move for Hunger relocation company, your moving agents can pick up unwanted food and deliver it to the local food bank for you. The best moving agents in the industry today will come to work together with their customers during each phase of relocation, offering them expert moving advice to save time, effort and even money.

If you are planning a move and have decided to hire the services of a reputable moving company, it's important to know beforehand what items movers will not move for legal, ethical or safety reasons. If you are wondering which elements will move or not and you are moving a long distance, there is always an error on the side of caution.

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